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About Cathryn

Cathryn is the author of the bestselling Inner Child Workbook which was published by Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. in 1991. Since that time it has been translated into Dutch and Spanish, and more recently into Korean and Czech. In its 40+ printing, it can still be found on the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble as well as independent bookstores; and continues to be one of the bestselling books purchased from amazon.com on this subject. “The Inner Child Workbook” was one of five books released in the late 1980s and early ‘90s which popularized the concept of the inner child. It is considered a classic in the inner child field and positioned Cathryn as one of the field’s leading experts. Of those five authors, Cathryn is the only one who has continued to develop and apply this concept to all areas of the personality and soul. She does so because she finds it to be invaluable both in her personal growth and in her professional work with others. This dedication earned her the honor of being referred to as, “the mother of inner child work.”  Cathryn has been conducting workshops, lectures, and classes for over three decades. She authored four additional books and recorded a series of lectures and YouTube videos all of which cover topics on the different stages of recovery, issues of the children within, and holistic healing. Cathryn’s approach is ever-evolving─her quest for transformation─never-ending.

BACKGROUND – Cathryn was licensed in the state of California in 1979 as a Marriage and Family Therapist, was certified in Chemical Dependency in 1985 and is now licensed in the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also trained as a Personal Life Coach, an EMDR practitioner; a practitioner of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques and is a certified EFT practitioner by EFT Master Lindsay Kenny. EFT is a self-administered form of acupressure that shows great promise in resolving stress-related issues and biochemical imbalances. These challenges originate in childhood. They, however, emerge in adulthood─not only as compulsions, addictions, and spiritual and mental challenges, but also, and perhaps more profoundly, as severe emotional traumas (such as post-traumatic-stress-disorder−PTSD, depression, anxiety, or unresolved grief). Cathryn also obtained certification in David Bercelli’s Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, commonly referred to as TRE®. This technique completes Cathryn’s healing modality. She weaves each of these additional methods of healing with her expertise of the inner child/Soul work in a very dynamic and expansive way. Her approach incorporates consultation and facilitation─assisting individuals in building the relationship between their Higher Self, their Adult self and their Children Within.

Cathryn’s signature brand of tapping referred to as Interactive Tapping™ assists individuals in arresting addictive behaviors and in addressing all concerns of the psyche. The muscular release experienced with the Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) supports the body’s ultimate health. To obtain insight regarding the spiritual aspect of childhood traumas Cathryn acquired additional training as an Akashic Records Consultant which provides the Soul’s perspective on issues needing resolution. She is one of the first practitioners to merge the psychological, addictive, and spiritual perspectives with the energy therapies of EFT and TRE® to offer one of the most comprehensive modalities available.

Cathryn continues to be interviewed on all areas of her expertise in newspapers, on radio and television and presents at numerous Expositions around the country.  She was a featured columnist in The Edge, a mid-western, metaphysical, monthly newspaper for over eighteen months and co-hosted a radio talk show in San Francisco for over a year.  As a seasoned lecturer and facilitator, Cathryn is well-known in the mental health community and an integrationist. She has an uncanny ability to integrate each of these methods of healing together and continues to offer on-going assistance and direction through her three monthly blog talk radio broadcasts and her 100+ YouTube educational videos, all of which have established Cathryn as a leading inner child and soul expert throughout the world.