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 To Purchase Click Here  Originally published in 1991 by Jeremy Tarcher, Inc., Cathryn’s bestselling Inner Child Workbook recently celebrated its 20th anniversary of being in publication and has been translated into Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Czech. After more than 25 years this book is in its 40th printing. Cathryn was one of five authors in the late 1980s and early 1990’s who popularized the concept of the inner child. Considered a classic in the field, the book not only positioned Cathryn as one of the field’s leading experts, but also earned her the honor of being referred to as, “The Mother of Inner Child Work.” 

Presented as a six-step model systematically applied to each developmental stage, this workbook guides you back through your childhood inviting you to identify the children within – divine and wounded. Provided with a step-by-step process, the workbook assists you in empowering your adult self and connecting with your Higher Source and Higher Self which in turn equips you to resolve old hurts, redesign outdated belief systems and reclaim, once and for all, the magnificent passion of the child-infused divinity within you.  

 To Purchase Click Here    Every childhood experience holds within it the seeds of  the tasks of your Soul. They provide the canvas from which you work. They provide context.  As you travel through childhood and gather your bumps, falls and achievements, you activate the ancient wisdom held in the DNA held in every cell within your physical form. These experiences provide the portal of entry into the tasks of your Soul. They hold the vibrational frequency which resonates with the “energetic disturbances” of the wounds in your Soul’s history.  Once detected, you can follow the threads of these vibrations back in time for the neutralization which allow transformation, resolution and reunion. Which Lifetime Is This Anyway, offers a detailed description of these concepts, the author’s personal story of her first “multidimensional bleed through and a Ten-Step formula which guides you through this process.

To Purchase Click Here  Your body of today holds the “energetic disturbance” which then, as Gary Craig has so brilliantly put together, holds this anomaly until rectified and resolved. This disturbance is held in the etheric body, as well as within the DNA of every cell within your physical form. Often disturbances can be expressed in compulsive or addictive behaviors which discharge the energy but prohibit you from learning how to cope with and resolve the energetic patterns of the original situation. Life Beyond Confusion and Fear presents a Six-Step Cycle of Addictions and Recovery accompanied with worksheets and journal experiences. Each exercise invites you to track the origin of your behavior, identify the inner child who holds the blueprint of that behavior and viable direction for the resolution of that behavior.